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A reverse chronological list of projects.


Beaglebone Black - Getting Started Pt.2

As you recall from pt. 1 of this series, we installed an OS on the Beaglebone that has no GUI. To develop on this BBB, you could SSH in, write your code in the terminal, compile, and run - but you…

Beaglebone Black - Getting Started Pt.1

I've recently found myself in the position of needing to automate some hardware testing. The hardware is a buck converter that occasionally fails to start up - and it's part of a larger system. So, to…

Handheld Tachometer

This is a project I started about 2 years ago. I never got around to finishing it - let alone blogging about it. For now, this page is a place holder. Once i've worked out the details of the new site…

About this site

I have been blogging hobby projects for about 10 years now. Back then I chose a blogger site because it seemed like the quickest way to get some content online. I also chose that route as I knew…